Mrs. Kim's 1 to 1 Project

    ISATs Day 5-Kim

    ISATs Day 4-Kim

    ISAT Day 3-Kim

    Explain your experience with ISATs day 2. Provide opinions with evidence.
    ISATs Day 2

    In place of your regular homework assignment, please reflect on your first day of ISAT testing. Click on the link below to proceed to read the instructions.
    ISATs Day 1

    Click on the following morning work assignment for Wednesday, February 23, 2010:
    Molly's Pilgrim

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    Maria (Lupita) Alcantar
    Ashley Alvarez
    Natalie Aranda
    Sage Brenner
    Evelyn Camargo
    Carlos Campos
    Kiana Cencula
    Kevin Cronin
    Litzy Flores
    Nataly Flores
    Giselle Gil
    Salma Gonzalez
    Keri Marie Han
    Maria Manzella
    Jonathan Ramirez
    Cosimo Trotta
    Kristen Whalen