How Wind-Up Toys Work

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    How Wind-Up Toys Work!!!

    Wind-Up Toy Information

    By Adam Lee

    Be ready to feed your brain by learning about the parts in the wind-up toy! This type of toy comes in many different forms, shapes and sizes. This type of toy is very simple to make and simple to use. Have you seen the movie, Hugo, or even read the book? Well the main character, obviously Hugo Cabret grew up to be a young boy fixing machines, clocks, and broken toys. Well actually it relates a little to what I’m now talking about.

    Wind-up toys are basically working like wind-up watches. You wind it up and Voila! watch it run the whole factory of springs! But we’re talking about what’s inside. The main thing you need to start is the mainspring. It’s the swirly thing that tightens up when you put in the key and turn it. It is connected to the main gear, which obviously turns around and around. This gear is connected with the small gears that is the toy’s wheels, which makes it move. This type of machine is very simple and requires no special skills. If broken, you can just quickly attach the gears and spring back in. No sweat! The tools you need is the screw driver and screws. These are used for screwing the toy back together. Have fun with the new and fixable toy!

    Your brain should probably be full of food stuffed with information about how the old-fashion toys works. If you ever get a chance to find and play with one, you already know how to use and even how it works! Have fun with this new toy!

    Sources: The New Way Things Work.


    Apr 4, 2012

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