Giver Chapter Discussion Vocabulary And Questions Chapters 20-22


    Ali Abbas and Brandon Kim

    Chapter 20 Vocabulary

    Empowered- Give (someone) the authority or power to do something
    Rueful- Expressing sorrow or regret, especially when in a slightly humorous way

    Chapter 21 Vocabulary

    Meticulously- Showing great attention to detail
    Stealthily- Having done or made in a cautious surreptitious manner, so as not seen or heard.
    Frazzled- cause to feel completely exhausted; to wear out
    Emphatically- In a forceful way

    Chapter 22 Vocabulary

    Exquisite- Extremely beautiful and typically delicate
    Tantalizing- Torment or tease (someone) with the sight or promise of something that is unobtainable.

    Chapter 20 Questions

    1. Why Did Jonas Refuse To Go Home?
    A. Jonas refused to go home because Jonas's dad was going to inject a needle into Gabe's forehead. Jonas was then scared to go back.

    2. How Does The Giver Comfort Jonas?
    A. The Giver comforts Jonas by letting him stay at the Annex.

    3. What Is The Plan Jonas And The Giver Hatch?
    A. The plan Jonas and the Giver hatch is that they would escape and run away from their community to Elsewhere.

    4. How Did The Giver First Experience His Seeing Beyond?
    A. The Giver first experienced his seeing beyond was the "hearing beyond" of music.

    5. What Are The Specifics Of The Escape Plan?
    A. The specifics of the escape plan was to have Jonas put his bike, clothes, and etc., in the bushes by the river bank.

    6. What Is The Surprising Revelation At The End Of Chapter 20?
    A. The surprising revelation at the end of chapter 20 is that the Giver's daughter was Rosemary.

    Chapter 21 Questions

    1. What Makes Jonas' Escape Plan Fall Apart?
    A. Jonas' escape plan fell apart because he could not leave Gabe behind to get released, so it slowed him down.

    2. How does the first part of the escape proceed?
    A. The first part of the escape proceeded by taking the food from the community and he took his father's bicycle to hold Gabe in the back.

    3. How has the mood changed by the end of Chapter 21?
    A. The mood has changed at the end of chapter 21 to being alert because they are avoiding the search planes constantly.

    4. Is Jonas justified in his escape?
    A. Jonas' escape was justified because he saved Gabe's life and if people knew he was the receiver, then he would be released.

    Chapter 22 Questions

    1. What New Dangers Does Jonas Encounter In Chapter 22?
    A. The new dangers Jonas encountered in chapter 22 are being in a new environment.

    2. In Which Different Ways Does Jonas Think About Starvation?
    A. The different ways Jonas thought about starvation are to recreate meals and saying that when he was never going to starve, but now he was.

    3.Only One Chapter Of The Book Remains. How Will It End? (If You Have Already Read It, Did It End The Way You Thought It Would?)
    A. I didn't think it would have ended the way it would.